We ensure that your electric kick scooter always works. If it breaks, we fix it or replace it within few days so you don't have to worry about the hassle of maintenance.

Have a look at the models!

Subscription includes : Delivery to your doorstep + Repair/maintenance



per month

Xiaomi M365  or similar

Speed : 25 km/h
Range : up to 25 km
Motor power : 250 W



per month

Ninebot ES4 or
Xiaomi M365 Pro

Speed : 25 km/h
Range : up to 45 km
Motor power : 300 W



per month

Minimotors Mini 4 Pro or E-twow Booster V

Speed: 35 km/h
Range: up to 40 km
Motor power: 500 W

Transforming the way you get around

You never have to worry again about a broken e-scooter

Your own e-scooter

Choose your e-scooter model and get it delivered to your doorstep

No commitment

You can return your product at any time to end your subscription

It always works

E-scooter broken? Get in touch with us. Within few days we will provide you a working e-scooter

What our clients are saying

Davy H.

Affligem, Belgium

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"I cancelled my bike subscription service to subscribe to Ridestep. I like that I can call you anytime if I have a problem. The e-scooter brought my commute time down from 40 minutes to 10 minutes!"

Ali C.

Gent, Belgium

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"After seeing this ad several times I thought I'd go for it. I wanted to know if a scooter would be useful for me or not. This no-commitment service is a very adequate compromise. It's cheaper and more practical than a shared scooter (Lime, Dott...).

The rapidity of the service must be underlined because I was contacted during the day for all the information and my scooter was delivered the next day.

I recommend it".

Emeric F.

November 2019, Brussels

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"I wasn't available for the first delivery, and I was re-delivered the same day. The scooters are reliable and the service is not expensive compared to self-service scooters. Nothing to complain about."

Thibaut D.

December 2019, Brussels

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All models are foldable

High-end electric scooters and bikes


Xiaomi M365 or similar model


Ninebot ES4 or Xiaomi M365 Pro

The trendy way of moving around

We offer electric scooters and bikes that always work. As long as your subscription runs, we will swap your ride immediately in the unlikely event of malfunction. Our priority is to deliver a great riding experience; Get in touch with us! We are available every day from 8:00 to 22:00.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order a STEP? 

You can order your e-scooter easily at our registration page. If the information is complete at your subscription, we will reach out to you to make an appointment for delivery upon the provision of your valid ID proof and a 100% returnable deposit amount.

What happens if my e-scooter breaks down?

If something goes wrong with your e-scooter, contact us with the details of the damage and we will send you a technician who can repair your device on the spot or can switch your broken device with a working one. We will make sure that your scooter always works!

What if my scooter gets stolen?

In case of theft, please contact us immediately, by providing us the details, such as date, location and how the incident happened. We will charge a deductible of your deposit amount. You will receive a new scooter within 48 hours after reporting upon payment of a new deposit amount. 

Where is STEP available? 

Good news! We are not limited to big cities and will try to cover every household within the operating range around our regional hubs in Belgium and France - for now! More details and updates about these regions will be shared soon. 

What is the minimum contract duration and notice period?

As promised, there is no commitment at all! You can end your subscription anytime with a month of notice.

How many kilometers can I ride with a full battery?

The range you can cover with your scooter depends on the model you choose (up to 25 km for Eco and up to 45 km for Elite). Additionally, the ideal range stated in the specs is subject to variations depending on a variety of factors, such as body weight, riding style (speed and acceleration profile), ambient temperature, tire pressure, age of the device and so on. 

How do I charge my scooters? How long does it typically take?

At your delivery, you will be given a specific charger for your model. You can charge your scooter using a standard socket at your home/office. Charging time depends on the model you choose ranging from 4-5 hours for Eco to 7 hours for Standard models. 

Can I change my subscription?

Yes, you can easily upgrade/downgrade your subscription by sending us an email 1 month in advance. Please note that the actual swap date might be affected by availability in stock.

What are the ID proof and deposit for?

We collect a valid ID proof and a 100% returnable deposit to avoid any fraudulent cases. The deposit will be returned upon the end of the subscription. The value of the deposit varies based on your subscription ranging from €100 for Eco to €150 for Premium models

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Office: Transforma BXL, Av. Jules Bordet 13, 1140 Evere

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