STEP in Ghent: the photogenic city !

Ghent might be on the list of the most popular city to visit in Belgium, yet it doesn’t attract as many visitors as Antwerp and Brussels.

Today, STEP is changing that … Ghent provides a captivating cultural cocktail filled to the brim with rich history, culture, and trendy city life.

When first entering Ghent, the stunning canals is the first thing to be spotted. The cozy canals with an astonishing view are the perfect setting for your weekend escape. Ghent offers you all kinds of tours. From tours on traditional boats, picnic on boat, water subway to self-drive barges and speedboats. If you are feeling more adventurous than usual, then be sure to check out kayaking and rafting through Ghent’s waters.

Seeing the same mainstream stores everywhere you go can be quite boring. With STEP, you can uncover the most charming shopspots in the narrow streets that are well hidden in the city. You will find unique and ordinary items such as retro wallpaper, comics, antiques, lace, brocante, and other real snuff. We promise it’s worth the try!

Ghent is also a treasure trove of fine art. Art admirers can go on a pleasant museum hunt through the city. The world-famous painting “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb” could be considered the supreme Altarpiece. The infamous painting acts as the brainchild of the Van Eyck brothers. This masterpiece is recognized to be one of the most influential paintings ever made. The 18-paneled artpiece can be viewed in St. Bavo’s Cathedral.

A typical delicacy in Ghent is by far “Gentse neus (Nose of Ghent)” or cuberdons. The name is due to its nose like cone-shaped. The cuberdons are actually only available in Belgium because of their limited shelf life. The outer part of the candy is hard but the inner contains a syrup that will saccharify in a few weeks and is therefore not possible to be exported.

This city has some eye-catching architecture. The historical houses and buildings are admirable during daylight, but most certainly are also magical during the night. At dusk, the city is covered in artistic lights, displaying a whole new sight. The idea “Light Plan” in Ghent was launched in 1988 to provide a more sustainable way of lighting the city without wasting energy. The streets, squares, and buildings are transformed into a magical nocturnal landscape. Ghent has received numerous prizes for its leading role in integrated city lighting and illumination.

Let the atmospheric lights spark your imagination. Become part of STEP's riders in Ghent today!

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