STEP in Mechelen: the city of churches !

Mechelen, a historical city right between Antwerp and Brussels. This underrated city has some of the most remarkable cathedrals as its centerpieces.

Today, we are exploring Mechelen with STEP. Tag along with us and find hidden gems in Mechelen.

This city of churches has a long history and comes with many traditions. A well-known tradition is “Klokkenwerpen”, which has been taken place since 1946 and is held every year on the 2nd Sunday of September at the top of St. Rumbold’s Cathedral. Back in the days, clocks made out of paper and cartons with slow matches attached, are thrown down from the rooftop. Nowadays, the city has opted for a safer option, which are clocks made out of polyester. These clocks will then slowly but surely make their way over the Grand Place to the townhouse.

Surprisingly, Mechelen is home to one of the best works of Peter Paul Rubens, the Flemish artist and diplomat from the Duchy of Brabant. You can find Rubens masterpiece “Adoration of the Magi” in St. John’s Church, which is his best creation ever made according to the creator himself. Do you prefer your art a little crazier? Then is “The Foolish Art Collection” the place for you! This museum offers you a satirical-moralizing art style and is also known as Foolish style.

The famous Belgium beer brand “Gouden Carolus” got its existence right here in Mechelen. This noble brew has been served for over half a century and has won almost 20 awards worldwide. Visit brewery “Het Anker” to see the alchemist at work:

When visiting Mechelen, you cannot miss the numerous pubs surrounding the Grand Place and scattered all over the city. There is no better resting place to recover from your citytrip on STEP than in one of these cafés. Are you more than thirsty? No worries, “De Vleeshalle” has got you covered! De Vleeshalle is a culinary hotspot where you can find 13 food stands, a central bar, and little boutiques. To make your experience here unforgettable and quick of service, every food-stands and boutiques only accept cashless payment. This way all attention can go to delicious food & drinks, and there won’t be any hassle as to spare change. Visit here:

Don’t wait any longer to discover the city of churches! Become part of STEP's riders in Mechelen today!

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