Why STEP for commuting?

STEP Belgium is the solution to your daily commuting problems. We offer you an affordable and environmental-friendly transporting method which will help ease congestion and reduce your ecological footprint.

The average commuter in Belgium spends almost an hour stuck in traffic daily, with one in five Belgians spending twice that time navigating through the streets. Considering that over 60% of Belgians drive to work, it’s not unsurprising that the country that boasts the Headquarters of the European Parliament, unfortunately also tops the charts in traffic congestion year on year in Europe.

The Brussels government has set itself steep targets of cutting down the car traffic by 25%. To reach this target, Brussels Mobility has developed a 10-year plan which will consist of building new public transportation lines, and encouraging walking and cycling. Individuals and corporations must work together if Brussels is to clear its roads of traffic congestion. With initiatives, such as Slim Naar Antwerpen and Good Move Brussels, the government has shown intent to address the problem head-on.

Let's have a look at the challenges Belgian commuters face and how STEP Belgium can be the answer to all of them.

Challenge #1: Traffic, Traffic and Traffic

If you commute in Belgium and travel short distances to work and back by car, you are — no offense — part of the problem. All travel distances less than 8 km, defined as micro-mobility, consist of more than 50% of all trips made in the EU and thus contribute the most to traffic nuisance and air pollution. A study done, revealed that 70% of car journeys can be done faster with an e-scooter. So it is perhaps the time to ditch your car and opt for a better option: an e-scooter.

Challenge #2: My company insists to give me a car, how can I say no?

Belgian companies have been notorious in the past in handing out cars, rather than a raise or a bonus, in order to escape from paying higher taxes (over 50% of new cars on the road are company cars). As of March 2019, the government passed the legislation on the ‘Mobility Budget’ as an alternative to company cars, which can be used by eligible employees to get more environmentally-friendly commuting options — such as eco-friendly cars and new generation of sustainable modes of transportation (fully untaxed) — or can be exchanged for cash.

Challenge #3: Public transport in Brussels sucks!

Fair enough. Your bus may not come on time, or even sometimes may not come at all. Rather than complaining, take matters in your own hands — use a free-floating (Dott / Lime / …) e-scooter, get a Swapfiets or rent a STEP e-scooter. Companies are increasingly allocating mobility budgets to their employees with the intention of providing a freedom of mobility and saving time and effort in that process. If you are one of those thousands who spend more than 80 hours a year in traffic, it is time to embrace these new solutions, and respectfully bid adieu to your car that clutters up this beautiful country.

At STEP Belgium, we provide you and your employees a fast way of commuting and a more eco-friendly mobility option. To learn more, send us an email to info@ridestep.co or head on down to https://www.ridestep.co/b2b

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